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Saving and Printing Blend Data
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After the creation of any of the many blends which can be generated by Matrix the data which created the blend can be saved in a single file.

Saving blend data enables you to recreate the blend at a later stage without having to refer to the original corner recipes.

Saving and Printing Blend Data

After the blend creation process is completed a blend's creation data can be saved in a single file by clicking the Worksheet Data button in the Save the Blend panel.

Fig.1 Saving or Printing Blend Data

In Fig.1 a line blend has been created.

After closing the Check Blend Progress window Blend Data may be saved or printed using the buttons shown in Fig.1

Data may also be displayed in special windows on screen for reference without having to print hard copies. More ...


Loading Previously Saved Blend Data

Fig.2 Shows the blends environment ready to load a previously saved blend

When you first move into the Blends environment or when you click the Restart button in the Blends environment you may load a blend previously created and saved.

To load a previously saved blend click the Load Blend Worksheet button.

The windows file selection dialog opens for you to identify the blend you wish to load. This would normally be located somewhere in the Blends folder.

Matrix will display the Check Blend Progress window as the blend is rebuilt.



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