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Glaze Technology Course.  

Learn how glazes work and how to control your glazes with Lawrence Ewing author of Matrix Glaze Software

A course for potters and ceramic artists residing outside New Zealand.

There is no deadline for joining the course. It is a self-paced program that you can start at any time.

Your rate of progress through the course is up to you.

Matrix Glaze Technology Course Consists of 30 Lessons

It is designed to provide a basic understanding of ceramic glaze fundamentals for studio potters approaching the subject from an analytical point of view focusing on the chemistry of glaze.

There are 30 lessons each of which delivers on-line content and activities that potters or ceramic artists can complete in their own workshops or studios in their own time.

Click here to go to the Glaze Technology website for more information

Matrix V6 is essential to the course and is used as a teaching tool. Lessons involving Matrix are primarily practical tutorials which discuss basic concepts and set exercises in the use of the software.

Click here for information about Matrix V6.

How to enrol

If you own Matrix V6 you can enrol in the Glaze Technology course now.

    The cost is NZ$ 65.00

When you have purchased your enrolment you will receive an acknowledgement email with login instructions enabling you to start the course immediately.
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